Electing members, officers and delegates




The Framingham Democratic Town Committee (DTC) is a body of 35 members, plus life members and non-voting associate members, who must be registered Democrats in the Town of Framingham.    DTC members serve a 4-year term and are elected on the Presidential Primary ballot.  The next elections for the DTC members will be in 2020.  Vacancies in the DTC membership are filled by the Committee (the body of 35 members and life members).


Associate membership is open to registered Democrats residing in the Town of Framingham. To obtain membership, such persons must attend a meeting of the Framingham DTC, state their wish to join, state their agreement to abide by the by-laws, and pay such annual dues as are set forth under Article 6 of the Framingham DTC By-laws.


The officers of the DTC are elected every two years by the DTC membership.  Vacancies in the officers are also filled by the Committee.  The next election for officers will be in 2018. There are five to six officers of the DTC:


1.            Chair

2.            Vice Chair

3.            Co-Vice Chair (optional)

4.            Secretary

5.            Treasurer

6.            Affirmative Action & Outreach Advisor 




The Democratic State Convention is an annual event that takes place in the spring.  Delegates and alternates to the convention are elected at a caucus held by each town or city's Democratic Committee.  The State Party sets the time frame for the caucuses and each community schedules its own caucus to occur within this time frame.

Framingham's next Democratic Caucus is scheduled for February 2017, further details to be announced. To participate in the Framingham caucus, either to run for delegate or to vote, candidates must be a registered Democrat in the Town of Framingham. Any Framingham resident who is not a registered Democrat may fill out a voter registration form at the caucus in order to participate in the caucus.


The 2017 Democratic State Convention will be held on June 3 at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. This will be the Democratic Party's platform convention.




The Democratic National Convention is held every four years to nominate the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the United States and candidate for Vice President.  Caucuses for electing national delegates are held during the Presidential election years and are conducted within Congressional Districts.  The next Congressional District caucus will held in 2020.